3 Great Options


3 Great Options

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Car Enthusiast coming to Sierra Glow have 3 options or choices.  We offer 3 great packages:

Advanced…….  SG-6

Superior.….      Blue Flame with SG-6

Ultimate...    Blue Flame with Luminosity

To understand the difference, one needs first to understand SG – 6.  This is a great car coating.  It is manufactured in Japan, and most important, SG – 6 is inorganic.  Why is inorganic important?  Unlike many car coating chemicals on the market, SG – 6 uses incredibly high heat to burn off all carbon is the SiO2, Silica.  By doing this, our coating is inorganic.  This means that our coating has no interaction with the environment.  Because there is no carbon in our coating, it will last a lot longer AND will not wash off.  To prove this, we guarantee all SG – 6 coatings for 5 years.

Check out our warranty here:  SG Warranty Explained

Another unique feature of SG – 6 is that we achieved the highest purity level of any coating on the market.  SG – 6 is 98.5% pure.  This means we go on thicker, and protect better.  So much better we only need one layer.  Yes, one layer is enough.  So, don’t waste your money with extra layers.  Get the right coating the first time, you don’t have to put layer on top of layer.

Another great feature of SG – 6 is that it dries instantly…like 10 minutes.  No overnight or long time for drying is unnecessary.  We don’t use the useless heat lamps to dry your coating as our coating has no hardeners or thickeners.  We just have pure SiO2.  Perfect.

We apply SG – 6 with sponge, so we are able to press the coating directly onto the paint.  This methods covers better than spray which is spotty and runs.  Either spray is too thick or thin, but our application sponge method results in the exact, smooth and thick coat, evenly applied.

Package 1 is a Car Coating with SG – 6 and it is Advanced!

The next two packages include the world famous Blue Flame Technology.  Package 2 is Blue Flame with SG – 6 and we call it Superior.

Astonishing includes a two step finish coating.  The first of step follows the thorough preparing of the car paint’s surface by our professional car paint restorers.  When the paint is smooth, shiny and smooth, we spray a thin layer of super-charged glass primer silica on the paint surface. What does this do?  The Blue Flame Treatment fills in all the micro-porous imperfections on the paint surface.  With this thin layer of glass primer, three benefits are the results

  • the micro blemishes are filled in creating ultra smooth surface 
  • Super-charged silica creates fantastic bond 
  • the Silica layer enhances the “wet look” and hydrophobic

While buffing and polishing create a smooth surface, and we will spend hours on this step to create shine and smoothness, Blue Flame will fill in micro-pores.  This creates another level of smoothness that no other car coating company can replicate. Because of this fact, Sierra Glow uses Blue Flame for those who wish to have the famous and desired “wet look” and Lotus Effect.  If you want a truly “astonishing” look, Option 2, Astonishing, is for you.

Option 3 is called Ultimate, and it is!

Option 3 includes all the elements of Package 2.  That means Sierra Glow will again prepare the car paint to a fantastic shine, and then uses its famous Blue Flame Technology.  This creates a fantastic platform for applying the car coating.  But, instead of SG – 6, in our Ultimate package, we use our latest car coating, Luminosity.

check out our video Introducing Luminosity

Option 3 is “Awesome.”   The new car coating, Luminosity, creates a fantastic “wet look” with awesome water beading and hydrophobic effect.  And because it is specially formulated to work with Blue Flame, we provide a 10 year warranty.  Yes, you read that correctly, 10 years.  Let see others match this.

Check out this video that explains the three coating programs:


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