Sierra Glow Spreads Its Wings

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It is an impressive achievement.  Our reputation for World Class Car Coating is based on our service, professional techniques and great products.

Sierra Glow offers the only No Nonsense Warranty in the Car Coating Industry.  This separates us and put us on another level.  We are also the only company with coating that applies 98.5% pure.  This gives us a huge advantage as other companies just can’t match this.  We also have fantastic polishing compounds that bring out the shine and luster in the paint.  We Do Shine.

The real achievement is our Blue Flame Technology.  This technology is a major breakthrough in the car coating business.  It makes the paint so smooth by filling in micro porous blemishes and this creates fantastic bond and “the wet look.”

We are so delighted to have so many partners around the world…and we expect to continue to expand as our reputation “spread” and our wings soar.

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